Volunteer teams


The team is involved in building the Audio / Video setup of the conference, streaming and the connection of the presenters' laptops to Audio / Video.


This team takes care of the presentation of the speakers and a reminder that they have to get off the stage at some point :)


The Wi-Fi team takes care of the wireless network providing access for the visitors of the event. We have built a system based on openwrt and good models home routers that need to be prepared, installed and debugged, if any problem pops up.

The requirements are:
- Basic experience with openwrt and linux;
- Not being afraid of heights (some of the APs are placed on the ceiling);
- To be able to join at least three months before the event.


Maintenance of the OpenFest site and updating of the information in it. The requirements are understanding of PHP and a healthy stomach.


This team takes care of the maintenance of the internal management system for the conferences, volunteers and lectures of OpenFest. The system is implemented on Ruby on Rails.


The team takes care of everything related to spreading the news abut OpenFest: presence on social networks, media appearances, communication with visitors and speakers - mostly online, but sometimes it could happen that you have to point the direction to a journalist wandering around the halls - where the person should go and who should the journalist speak to :)


They can. They wear. Appliances, furniture, lecturers, bricks, and whatever else is needed. It is advisable to be familiar with three- and four-dimensional tetris.


The network team of OpenFest takes care of the internal network and the Internet the connectivity of the event. We use linux routers and cisco / tplink
switches, and most documentation can be found at
github.com/openfest / ....

The requirements for volunteers are:
- Network experience (and ability to crimp cables);
- To be able to participate from the very beginning in the meetings and discussions - this means availability for participation least 3 months before the event;
- Again availability to participate in the preparation, which takes place in the week before the event.

Applications are usually accepted until the beginning of September.


This team brings together the friendliest and handy volunteers :) They are responsible for the arrangement of the reception area, promotion and acceptance of donations, monitoring whether sponsors have everything needed. This team also helps other teams - often unable to move from their places; directs visitors to the right halls, lectures and games of sponsors. They take joy in visitors' pets, and many, many other things they do thus contributing for the conference to be lighter, livelier and more fun.